Late Night with Cry and Russ: Welcome to the Leppy


Originally started on Youtube making let’s play videos, Cryaotic, or simply Cry, started doing live streams on Twitch TV for the fun of it. Occassionally, he would host a live stream and play games alongside his friends and other game commetators Russ Money, Scott Jund, The Dread Red, and Snake. Due to the rise in popularity, they started doing it on a regular basis.


In 2011, this became known as Late Night With Cry And Russ. Every Saturday starting at 11PM Eastern Standard Time, the Late Night Crew would get together and play a variety of video games, largely those can be found on Steam. These streams would last for about 8 hours on average. Examples of games that they played on the stream include Worms Revolution, Contagion, and Mount Your Friends.

Besides playing video games, the Late Night Crew also hosted live Dungeons and Dragons campaign entitled, The Truth, The Eye, and The Beholder. The first of eight sessions was played on September 21st, 2013. Not only have the Youtube uploads reached over hundred of thousands of views, but they have also spawned a variety of fan art as well as animations based on not only the campaign, but the overall live steam as well.late_night_d&d

Though the Late Night sessions are mainly done by Cry, Russ, Scott, Red, and Snake, there have been frequent guests who would reappear on the stream. Those guests include fellow gamers, Sp00n, Cinnamon Toast Ken, Minx, Zieg, and Strippin. On many occassions, the Late Night Crew will also play with fans of the stream. As of recently, Cry’s girlfriend, Cheyenne, had join the Late Night Crew.


You can join the Late Night Crew on Saturdays at 11PM EST at:


Russ Money:

Scott Jund:



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